2024 is likely to be the “big year” for iPad

2024 is likely to be the “big year” for iPad


Now iPad has become a part of many users' lives. Whether for work or entertainment, an iPad with stronger performance and better experience is worth waiting for. In the past 2023, the iPad product line has been relatively low-key. Fortunately, 2024 is simply good news for “tablet users”. Apple is reportedly developing a new version of every iPad it sells. 2024 is likely to be the “big year” for iPad.

Big changes to iPad Air: 12.9-inch version may be added

In 2024, the iPad air product line is expected to undergo major changes. The biggest change in the new iPad Air series is the addition of a 12.9-inch version. Currently, Apple only sells a 10.9-inch iPad Air model. There have been previous media reports that Apple is developing two iPad airs of different sizes. The two models are code-named J507 and J537. The size of the large-sized iPad air is basically the same as the current 12.9-inch iPad pro, which shows that the two models are The screen size will also be almost the same. This will be the first time Apple sells two different sizes of iPad Air at the same time.

iPad pro: upgraded OLED screen, further reduced thickness

Compared with the update of iPad Air series, the new iPad Pro is worth looking forward to. iPad pro is the blockbuster model of the iPad family, and it is the ceiling in all aspects. The 2024 iPad pro is expected to achieve comprehensive improvements from the inside out, which can also be called a major overhaul. Apple is about to introduce OLED screen panels for iPad Pro in 2024. Let’s take a look at a set of comparative data:

11-inch iPad Pro (current): 247.6mm × 178.5mm × 5.9mm
11-inch iPad Pro (new model): 249.7mm×177.5mm×5.1mm
12.9-inch iPad Pro (current): 280.6mm × 214.9mm × 6.4mm
12.9-inch iPad Pro (new model): 281.5mm×215.5mm×5.0mm

It can be seen from the data that compared with the old model, the new iPad pro not only has slight adjustments in length and width, but also has an overall narrowing in thickness, especially the 12.9-inch iPad pro, which is even as thick as 5.0mm. 

Equipped with an OLED screen, it can also avoid excessive power consumption and greatly improve the battery life of the iPad. This is also considered the most significant revision since Apple launched the iPad Pro in 2018.

iPad mini: Expected to be released in the second half of 2024

Following the launch of the iPad mini with a new appearance in September 2021, the mini product line has not been updated for a long time. According to multiple sources, the new iPad mini will be officially unveiled in 2024, and will also achieve a comprehensive upgrade from the outside to the inside. On the screen, it is rumored that the screen components of the iPad mini will be fine-tuned to solve the "jelly effect" that occurs when sliding the screen vertically. The new iPad mini will most likely be equipped with the A16 bionic chip. Overall, the new iPad mini will continue the previous product concept. It can be an entertainment device for many people, and it can also be a handheld gadget.


Compared with the "relative low-key" in 2023, the iPad product line in 2024 needs a change. As a key part of Apple's ecosystem, the iPad carries users' expectations for innovation and practicality. Through the many new products to be released this year, we can also understand Apple's attitude towards the iPad product line.

Anyway, no matter which new product Apple releases, Miesherk will keep up with it and provide you with the best quality tablet protective cases. We look forward to witnessing the excitement of Apple’s new products with you!


BTW, which of these new products are you most looking forward to? Welcome to leave a message and discuss in the comment area!

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